Downdraught Ventilated Workstations

//Downdraught Ventilated Workstations
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Project Description

Marston Downdraught tables can be produced in any modular size up to 3000mm in a single length and be fixed or variable height.  These are designed to provide a ventilated workstation for a wide variety of procedures including gross examination and sectioning of anatomical pathology specimens, necropsies, perfusions, dissections and chemical handling.  As all stainless steel fabrication is undertaken in-house at Marston downdraught table is provided with seamless one-piece worktop complete with integrally formed sumps, sink bowls and rear up stands.  Formalin dispensing and waste systems.  All are available as fully exhausted to atmosphere with several options being available for filtered recirculating air by employing our dedicated Fan Filter Unit (FFU).